LAX Case Study – Overview of the work produced by DK for LAX

Portrait of a City Cutdown – Selected moments from Barcelona, Bangkok and Seoul

Portrait of a City – LAX

This project helped bring joy back to the travel experience through ambient narratives that unfold on massive displays in the new Bradley West International Terminal. I directed the Portrait of a City pieces, and contributed to pitching and winning the larger job for DK. 

The Portraits of a City were some of the most significant pieces of content created for the space. Each story takes viewers to a different destination, uncovering the genuine moments that make the world worth traveling. Each story uses multi-paneled displays to let several scenes play out at once in non-linear form. In this way, we created dream-like experiences that capture the magic and memory of world travel.

The work has been honored with a One Show Silver Pencil, an SEGD Global Design Show Best In Show, and a Communication Arts Award of Excellence. 


Role: Live Action Director, Editor
Team: Mark Bashore, Trevor Fife, Morgan Henry, Matt Mulder, Camille Durand, David Godwin, Slavka Kuehn
Company: Digital Kitchen