Temples of Angkor

Exploring the temples of Angkor in Cambodia with my uncle Thom this past weekend was exceptionally powerful and haunting. The mix of history, untamed nature and massive scale make for an unrivaled visual and spiritual experience. I'm lucky to have made the journey with family.

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Chiang Mai – Festival of Lights

A few highlights from Chiang Mai. So glad to meet back up with Jack Ch and Anna Hazelton Jone, my two new favorite travelers, to swim in waterfalls, jump off cliffs, and send flaming lanterns into the sky at the Festival of Lights.

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Photos from Myanmar's Chin State

Today is Myanmar's first contested national election in 25 years, after decades of military rule. In rural Chin State, where the military government has systematically ignored infrastructure and education needs, the hope for change is palpable. Below are photos from my recent trip through the region.

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A Girl's Life Film, Featured at Women's Summit in NYC

On Friday, my film A Girl's Life was featured at the Women in the World Summit in association with the New York Times. This event featured guests Hillary Rodham Clinton, Angelina Jolie Pitt, Meryl Streep, Samantha Power, Robin Wright, Jon Stewart, and most importantly Eunice Akoth – the now 6th grader from Kibera whose dreams of seeing New York have become a reality. Eunice shared her story on stage and read a poem before the film played. Below is a collection of images from her time in New York, along with the Girls Life film.


Bring Back The Music

Been going back through some old projects. This one is the first animation I ever completed. Certainly has its rough spots, but it was a lot of fun to create.